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If you are looking for injury cover specific to cycling and mountain biking, then you have come to the right place. Introducing our latest innovation from McKenzie Life, Cycle-Med. Cycle-Med has been designed specifically with cyclists and mountain bikers in mind. Leave your worries behind in the knowledge that you are covered should something happen to you during your downtime or the big race. Find out more below.


Overall Annual Limit: R500 000 per person per year

In-Patient Hospital Treatment – Accident Only: The actual cost of hospitalisation as an in-patient, including all associated services during the hospital admission at a private facility in the event of injuries sustained due to an accident or cycling activity. R500 000 per incident

Out-Patient Casualty Treatment – Accident Only: The benefit payable for injuries sustained as a result of an accident shall be limited to treatment received in a hospital emergency unit. Limited to R5 000 per incident

Physiotherapy and wound dressing – Accident Only: The actual cost of physiotherapy and wound dressing following an accident. Limited to R2 000 per year

Emergency Services: Emergency Evacuation, including ambulance services (air or road)
Inter-Hospital transfers
Repatriation of mortal remains
Telephonic Medical Advice (Ask a Doctor ask a Nurse)
Push to call emergency dialling and find a provider application


Adult: R255 /m

Children: R210 /m



At what rate is the hospital paid when I’m in an accident?: 100% of what was claimed to a maximum of the available limit. If a member has R 500 000 hospital cover the claim will be paid up to the available limit.

What is an accident?: “Accident” means bodily injury caused by violent accidental and external physical means. Examples include, motor vehicle accidents, severe burns, exposure to poisons.

What is the age limit?: You can stay on it for life but cannot join as a new member if you are older than 55.

Is orthopedics covered like ankle braces etc?: Yes, following an accident and should be authorised. Contact the Unity Health call centre on 0861 366 006 and ask to speak to our case manager.

How do they find me if I fall on a mountain and I cant move?: An emergency phone application will be available from January 2018 for members to contact Unity.

Can I be a member of a medical scheme and cyclemed?: Yes you can.

Can my child have his own policy if I don’t have one?: Yes. You can put your child on his/her own. They will pay adult rates.

What do I do in the event of a serious accident?

  1. Call ER24 on 084 124. The number is also on your Unity Health membership card.
  2. ER24 will verify the membership of the person in need of help, whether it be you or your dependant.
  3. ER24 will assist you with advice, and emergency transportation to your nearest in-patient hospital facility.
  4. ER24 will issue the hospital with a guarantee of payment and you will be admitted for treatment.
  5. Please ensure that you have your Unity Health membership card and ID for verification purposes.
  6. Unity Health will then settle the account directly with the hospital, subject to the benefit limitations.

What do I do in the event of a minor accident?

  1. Call either the Unity Health Call Centre (during business hours) or ER24 for a list of the nearest out-patient facilities that accept guarantee of payments, as some out-patient facilities only accept cash.
  2. Please ensure that you have your Unity Health membership card and ID for verification purposes.
  3. ER24 will arrange the guarantee of payment with the out-patient facility.
  4. Unity Health will then settle the account directly with the out-patient facility, subject to the benefit limitations


What is an emergency casualty department?

An emergency department, also known as an accident and emergency department, emergency room (ER) or casualty department, is a medical treatment facility specialising in emergency treatment without prior appointment; either by their own means or by that of an ambulance. The emergency department is usually found in a hospital or other primary care centres.

What is an accident?

“Accident” means bodily injury caused by violent accidental and external physical means. Examples include, motor vehicle accidents, severe burns, exposure to poisons.

Is the cost of the ambulance service covered?

Yes, contact ER24 on 084124 in the event of an accident.

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