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At McKenzie Life we believe in operating in an ethical and positive manner. Our goal is to ensure that every client knows that when they need us we will be there. Whether you are looking to invest in your future, find the right medical coverage to suit your needs or you are looking for advice in life cover, we constantly strive to achieve the best possible results in everything we do.

As a father and son business we understand what family means and it is through this and constant hard work that we are able to achieve the best.

McKenzie Life Accreditations:

FSB 1702 (Financial Services Board) | Medical Schemes Council | ORG no.217 | BR no.1646


Choose the Health Cover that suits you:

Discovery Health | Fedhealth | Momentum | Resolution Health

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Choosing the right investment portfolio can sometimes be tricky but it can be made easier by chatting to us. We look at each case individually and can advise the right course of action for you. So whether you are looking for a small monthly investment or you are looking to put your savings into a scheme which will work for you, then feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

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Life Cover:

When you die, your family may not be able to cope with everyday expenses. They may have to pay off any remaining debts that you may have.


Many accidents and medical conditions cause disabilities that can drastically affect your lifestyle both at home and in the workplace.

Dread Disease:

It covers you when you suffer from a stroke, heart attack or cancer, or under-go open heart surgery.

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